Circumcision Deaths

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PAKISTAN: Baby dies after injection for circumcision

Pakistan Today
April 16, 2012

NEGLIGENCE: A 15-day-old baby died to the alleged negligence of doctor at a private clinic in the Defence-A police limits on Monday. Police have registered a case No 319/12 against Doctor Ali and his dispenser under section 319 of PPC with no arrest so far. Per details, one Babar Ali, resident of Chungi Amr Sidhu visited the private clinic of Doctor Ali for circumcision of his newly born baby named Ali. The doctor administered an injection which reacted and claimed the life of the neonate. As a result, the family of victim baby gathered on road and staged a protest demonstration. Local police reached the scene and assured them of justice. Police also conducted raid but the accused managed to flee. Police have registered a case against accused doctor and his dispenser for further action.”





Midwife on baby death charge

Date published: 16 April 2012

A MIDWIFE has been charged with manslaughter after a baby bled to death following a circumcision.

Grace Adeleye (66), of Sarnia Court, Salford, appeared in the dock for the first time at Oldham Magistrates Court on Friday, charged with the manslaughter of Goodluck Caubergs by gross negligence.

The court heard the incident happened on April 17, 2010, in Oldham, and adjourned the case to a court hearing tomorrow at Manchester Crown Square Crown Court.

No plea was indicated by Adeleye and she was given conditional bail, which consisted of not leaving the UK and not to carry out any circumcisions.


Posted: 2:09 AM, May 5, 2011

Tot’s shock hosp death

Tragic Circumcision

“The grieving family of a tragic Queens toddler are blasting doctors at Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan — accusing them of botching a simple circumcision that led to the boy’s sudden death.”

Published: August 26, 2005

City Questions Circumcision Ritual After Baby Dies

“A circumcision ritual practiced by some Orthodox Jews has alarmed city health officials, who say it may have led to three cases of herpes – one of them fatal – in infants. But after months of meetings with Orthodox leaders, city officials have been unable to persuade them to abandon the practice…
…The practice is known as oral suction, or in Hebrew, metzitzah b’peh: after removing the foreskin of the penis, the practitioner, or mohel, sucks the blood from the wound to clean it.”


December 14 2010 at 06:37pm
IOL news

The circumcision season death toll in the Eastern Cape has risen to nine, the provincial health department said on Tuesday.


North America/the Americas

October 03, 2009

Baby’s death a “mystery”
Boy gets circumcised two days before, and suddenly nobody knows why he dies. Suspicious that the boy went in “to correct his urine flow and a circumcision.” A urine flow “correction,” maybe. But then, a circumcision too? What was the medical indication for that?
Remember: “There are no risks” involved in circumcision, especially when it’s performed in a hospital setting. Your child might die, but it’s “well worth it.”

South Dakota, September 18, 2009
Parents Sue; Their baby died last year in June.

New York, New York, February 2005
3 babies contract herpes, one of whom dies, from a rabbi that implements a bizarre procedure called “metzitzah b’peh,” in which he basically sucks the wounded infant’s genitals.

Cleveland, Ohio, October 20th, 1998
A boy DIES undergoing surgery to correct a PROBLEM caused by his initial circumcision (remember, there are no risks involved).

Houston, Texas July 28, 1995
Could this have been avoided? You bet. Do people listen? That’s another story.

Miami, Florida June 26, 1993
Baby bleeds to death after circumcision.

Columbia, South Carolina, July 10, 1992
Boy who lost consciousness during his newborn circumcision goes into a coma. He dies 6 years later.

Anchorage, Alaska, January, 1986
A poor boy’s family is caught in the middle of a circumcision cover-up. Again, remember, circumcision’s risks are minimal, but “worth it.”

Canada, June 13, 2007
“‘The child’s death was attributed to septic shock, an overwhelming infection, leading to multi-organ failure,’ Cairns said.” Notice how Cairns is quick to absolve the circumcision that caused the septic shock in the first place. People don’t die from gun-shot wounds either; they die from “hemorrhage and severe desanguination” I’m sure. “‘Death is rare after circumcision,’ said Cairns. ‘But complications can happen.'”

Canada, October 1, 2002
Another baby dies.

Europe/The Commonwealth

London, UK, February 17, 2007
A child dies after a ritual circumcision. Do you REALLY need an investigation???

According to a recent inquest, the child’s death above was “totally unrelated to his circumcision.” Surprise, surprise:
(The guy who did the post mortem was excluded from giving evidence because he believed the trauma of circ caused the cardiac arrest. Shh…)

Baby died of ‘natural causes’ after circumcision at Golders Green Synagogue
1:51pm Wednesday 9th September 2009

London, UK, February 13, 2009
A nine-week-old baby boy bleeds to death hours after being circumcised.

London, UK, November 27, 2001
This was CONCENSUAL circumcision, and with DRUGS to boot. No risks, huh?

Glasgow, Scotland, November 22, 2002
It could very well be that this boy died of a morphine overdose. But this was supposed to be a circumcision performed in a “sterile environment, by a professional.” “Circumcising to cure urinary problems” also sounds a bit shady, given the fact that a normally functioning penis rarely has them. Was there absolutely no other alternative??? And once again, we see here, another doctor refusing to be responsible.

Ireland, October 7, 2005
A baby dies, and the jury “could not bring their white western values to bear?” Would the case have been different had it been a GIRL? Oh, I assure you, it would. “Not illegal in Nigeria” JUST WHAT COUNTRY DID THIS MAN THINK HE WAS IN!!! THE LAWS OF WHAT COUNTRY ARE THE COURTS RESPONSIBLE FOR? Everyone, let’s justify Female Mutilation in America, because it’s “not illegal in Africa.” “He was being called a killer’.” Is killing a baby NOT PRECISELY what this man did?

“This little boy wouldn’t have died were the procedure carried out in a hospital.” Oh REALLY. Have you been reading this list? HOW CAN CROWLEY BE SO SURE??? “Dr Margaret Bolster of the State Pathologists’ office has already carried out a post mortem on the boy, but the results have been inconclusive.” Inconclusive of what? How sure do these douche-bags need to be that a child died because of circumcision?

Ludino, Russia December 6, 2003
This little piece mourns the decline in Judaism in the town of Ludino, Russia. At the very least they openly admit that 10% of their circumcisions resulted in death, instead of trying to attribute it to other “causes,” like their shameless counterparts in other parts of the world.

Middle East/Asia

Pakistan, July 02, 2007

The deaths just keep piling up… is anybody counting?

Nepal, February 11, 2005
Two children die. Tradition is more important than the safety of children…

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July 9, 2007
Another death case in Malaysia. It just goes to show you that stubborn and belligerent doctors “recommend” circumcisions for anything and EVERYTHING. This little boy’s problems could have been fixed very easily using conventional means. But oh no; opportunist doctors couldn’t miss this chance to snatch up another boy to satisfy their twisted addiction of mutilation of children. This is a very good example of using a decapitation to cure a head-ache. Why couldn’t the doctor administer a treatment to the boy with a UTI, as he would to a girl or woman with a UTI? Because he had his eyes set on child genital mutilation, that’s why. Note, too, that this boy was ALSO circumcised in a quote/unquote “sterile environment,” and by a quote/unquote, “professional.” Contrary to popular belief, the risk of death is still there.

So far, we have discussed only deaths related to circumcision. However, this is just one risk, and it bears mentioning other risks that advocates of circumcision will not disclose.

North America/the Americas

Mattoon, Illinois, July 18, 2007
A boy’s glans is cut off.,141642.shtml

This is disaster was posted online on a MySpace blog in June 23, 2007

Seattle, Washington, May 10, 2005

A woman sues a doctor for a botched circumcision, which his twin brother was supposed to perform. So how many other botched circumcisions did this man perform filling in for his brother?

Long Island, New York, October 2003
Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infects ONLY circumcised children, but the infections, the paper assures, were not on the wounds themselves.

Boston, Massachusetts, March 8, 2005
Babies are given overdoses of painkillers. Ironic that babies have to be given painkillers for a needless iatrogenically inflicted wound.

Boston, Massachusetts, February 23, 2004

A botched circumcision ends in a $110,000 settlement. Somehow, I’m not sure that will console the child when he is older and he learns that his penis was needlessly mutilated.

Boston, Massachusetts, December 8, 2003


Another boy’s glan’s is amputated. Once again, the doctor nonchalantly “recommends” and offers to do a circumcision, omitting the very fact that it is a purposefully inflicted wound, and the very real risks that are listed here.

Boston, Massachusetts, May 19, 2003

Well what do you know. Another botched glans in Boston. These guys just don’t seem to have any luck, do they? Once again, the omission of a risk that could be very well avoided by not performing the risky and needless cosmetic surgery on the infant.

“…you can’t jeopardize the health and safety of your family because of your religious beliefs…”

If only… OH if only…

Chicago, Illinois, August 16, 2006
Boy loses a testicle. Above all, this risk, including others, was not disclosed.

University of Iowa, December 5, 2002
Man grows up with painful erections due to a tight circumcision. Notice how even though the article is about the man that grew up with a botched circumcision, the article must end with an interview with an expert that minimizes the risks, and that leaving a penis in its normal state has “problems all its own.” Apparently, the risk of a botched circumcision is well worth the prevention of a completely curable condition. “‘Bleeding and infection are two problems that can occur when a boy is circumcised, as well as scarring if the doctor removes too much foreskin’, Bell said.” Not to mention herpes, and MRSA infection. Oh, and don’t forget that the glans or testicle can be amputated as well. Not to mention you may need SEXUAL REASSIGNMENT SURGERY. Willfully ignorant prick…

Sacramento, California, June 9, 2001
Boy awarded $1.42 million for botched circumcision

North Carolina, April 4, 2001
Staphylococcus aureus outbreak in hospital neonatal nursery involved 36 newborn, circumcised babies. (Notice there was not a one who was intact.)

Atlanta, Georgia, March 13, 1991
Two babies were severely burned in circumcisions using electric devices. One of them had his penis damaged so bad, he had to undergo sexual reassignment surgery.

Canada, 2004
The same story above has happened before, and it has ended tragically… A pair of twins undergoes a science experiment, when doctors use an electric device to circumcise them. Exactly as above, one child lost his penis and had to undergo sexual reassignment surgery.

What an insult to injury. This should NEVER have to happen to a boy. EVER.

Canada, November 1975
Yet another sex change. But this time, rest assured, the scientists got it right; if a boy’s penis is amputated early enough, sexual re-assignment is more successful. Oh good! Now you can have that girl you always wanted, even your baby boy doesn’t want to be one!

Canada, Nov. 16, 1993
Boy is GIVEN his life penis problems. Thank you, circumcision…

Tijuana, BC, Mexico August 7, 2002

The risk of amputation is greater in INFANTS, due to the small size of their penises. Note again, that this was done at a hospital by someone who was supposed to be a “professional.”

London, UK, October 22, 2003
A man posing as a professional for 8 yrs botches 2 circumcisions. These botches made the news. How many in 8 years didn’t?

London, UK, August 25, 2001
Is needless surgery really worth the risk? Does this long list not convince it is real?

London, UK, August, 2001
“A GP pressured two mothers into having their baby sons circumcised by a surgeon he knew, who botched the operations and caused them excruciating pain…” Those “cysts” and “UTI” sound questionable, seeing as these were JEWISH doctors that seemed to look for any and every reason to recommend circumcision. Since when does a UTI require any kind of surgery in GIRLS???

Birmingham, UK, Jan 5, 2005
“After a few minutes, Shaid’s mother Juleka Bibi could hear that her son was not happy…”  “Dr Alam denies serious professional misconduct.” Gee, every one of these botching doctors seem to deny any “serious professional misconduct.” No one seems to want to own up.

Canberra, Australia, June 14, 2002
Evidence is mounting that circumcision of baby boys can cause life-long psychological distress, according to a Queensland academic.

The above claims are often blown off by circumcision advocates that claim that “children don’t remember their circumcision, and they should get over it.” However, the following article suggests that the above claim might have some validity after all.

On the side, do doctors NOT suggest that a baby can hear things from within the womb? Do they not suggest actually talking to the baby before it is born? Playing music? Cuddling it? So how is it that this could affect a baby, but circumcision wont? Really quite astounding the double-think that exists.

Perth, Australia, December 26, 1999
So how is THIS man supposed to “get over it?”

Helsinki, Finland, August 21, 2001
Botched circumcisions send four boys to hospital in Kuopio.

And even though female circumcision is illegal in Finland and is prosecuted as an assault, it appears male circumcision isn’t, and “the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health urges Finnish public health clinics and hospitals to take a positive view toward religiously motivated male circumcision.” Why not the positive view toward Female circumcision? Why the sexism?

Ankara, Turkey, June 9, 2000
Another 200 get circumcised needlessly except for “traditional” purposes, 2 of them resulting in botches. “Doctors … immediately operated on the pair to try to rectify the error.” Again, a repair on needless damage…

Middle East/Asia

Tel Aviv, Israel December 14, 2004
“Rabbi ordered to pay NIS 1.18 million for botched circumcision” Boy loses the tip of his penis to gangrene. These people are supposed to be jacks of their trade, but as the Japanese saying goes, “even monkeys fall from trees.” Just because you do it for a living, doesn’t mean there’s no risk of a botch.

Jerusalem, Israel, November 9, 2000
“Unlicensed mohel suspected of injuring infants” What licensed mohel or Dr, ISN’T injuring an infant??? Despite complaints from 6 families, including one that learned that [their baby] had not been properly circumcised and had to undergo an operation to correct the damage, Judge Clara Reginiano ruled that [she] did not find reason to grant the plaintiff’s additional request to bar the suspect from performing the circumcision he was invited to perform [that day]. “The suspect acknowledged that he does not have authorization from the rabbinate, but denied that he had committed any offense.” Again, another culprit refuses to admit responsibility.

Jerusalem, Israel, August 14, 2000
Another surgery to correct an amputated glans; a risk that was completely unnecessary.

Egypt, January 21, 2003
“A doctor in Egypt accidentally cut off the penis of a 10-year-old boy during a botched circumcision…” “The boy was taken by his father to a traditional practitioner to undergo the procedure in the belief that there would be no risk.”

Taipei, Taiwan, June 7, 2002


A patient loses the tip of his penis to circumcision. WHY on earth was a circumcision being carried out in Taiwan, of all places?
FEZ, 2006
A willing convert to Islam dies due to complications. (This happened in a hospital by a professional)

“The surgery becomes very risky when it comes to a patient of Privat’s age. After the circumcision, the involuntary erection of the adult can result in a suture detachment and consequently a hemorrhage…” Oh? you mean infants aren’t at risk of losing their glans, testicles, having a tight circumcision, and/or becoming infected?
Niarobi, Kenya, September 2, 2005
Eight Boys Die After Circumcision Rite. Need more be said?

Nairobi, Kenya, May 1, 2003
“Ninety per cent of youths who die after undergoing circumcision suffer from undetected bleeding disorders, the chairman of Kenya Hemophilia Association, Dr Walter Mwanda, has announced.”
Meaning their deaths could have been completely avoided.

August 9, 2000, Nairobi, Kenya
“A Kenyan teenage boy was in critical condition after his penis was cut off in a botched circumcision.” “…the 13-year old — a member of the Luhya tribe of western Kenya — had collapsed after a tribal elder mistakenly hacked off his whole penis instead of just the foreskin.”


Botched circumcisions kill 40 in South Africa (the final count was 49)

JOHANNESBURG — Botched circumcisions performed during traditional initiation rites in South Africa have killed 40 boys and put more than 100 in hospital this month, a health official said Wednesday.
The boys, who were taken into the bush and circumcised as part of traditional rites of passage, died from gangrene, dehydration and pneumonia, said Sizwe Kupelo, health department spokesman for Eastern Cape province.
The Eastern Cape is one of South Africa’s poorest provinces and among the few areas where boys are still sent into secret schools for circumcision ceremonies to mark their passage to manhood.
Boys die every year from botched circumcisions by ill-trained traditional surgeons in rural areas. Last year in the Eastern Cape, 91 boys died from complications of circumcisions, 55 of them in June, when the winter initiation season is at its height.
(AFP) – Jun 30, 2010


People might argue that posting complications due to rituals is “unfair” because “these were circumcisions carried out in unstable environments by untrained people.”

I include both ritual and hospital circumcisions for two reasons. One, to break the myth that ONLY WOMEN suffer brutal mutilations at the hands of ritual circumcisers in hostile situations using dirty materials. And two, to show that the risks of complications and death for an elective procedure exist in ritual environments as WELL as “sterile, professional environments.”

RECENT AS OF 2009: Circumcision Rituals Leave 52 Dead

Gauteng, South Africa, October 5, 2006
Scores of initiates died in E Cape

Gauteng, South Africa, July 10, 2006
Siyabonga Radebe wanted to become a “real man” but now he is dead, allegedly at the hands of the people who were supposed to turn him into one.

Gauteng, South Africa, July 7, 2006
“A special task team (for the circumcised only) has been established by the National House of Traditional Leaders (NHTL) to investigate the deaths of initiates at circumcision schools.” And they’re going to get to the bottom of this, and tell us EXACTLY what happened. 😉

Capetown, South Africa, June 27, 2006
‘These boys are dying.” No, shit.

Orange Farm, South Africa, June 25, 2007
Boy found dead after botched circumcision. “Villagers believe witchcraft is to blame for the boys’ deaths.” Ya, I’m sure that’s JUST what it was.,2172,151431,00.html

Eastern Cape, South Africa, January 02, 2007
Eight initiates die in Eastern Cape

Capetown, South Africa, December 30, 2006
Lunga Nocanda… died “under mysterious circumstances…” I gee, I wonder what those “mysterious circumstances” were…

Eastern Cape, South Africa, July 1, 2006
Fifteen-year-old initiate dies

Eastern Cape, South Africa, June 30, 2006
Twelfth boy dies after botched circumcision

Eastern Cape, South Africa, June 29, 2006
Another three die in initiation schools

Eastern Cape, South Africa, June 28, 2006
Boy may lose penis after botched circumcision

Eastern Cape, South Africa, December 13, 2005
10 die in botched circumcisions, 32 fight for lives

Eastern Cape, South Africa, November 28, 2005
Boy dies at circumcision school

Eastern Cape, South Africa, July 19, 2005
Circumcisions leave 20 dead

Eastern Cape, South Africa, July 7, 2005
3 more initiates die

Limpopo, South Africa, June 27, 2005
Circumcision: 15 in hospital

Eastern Cape, South Africa, June 23, 2005
2 die of botched circumcisions

Johannesburg, June 18, 2005
Boy dies at initiation school

Mdantsane, South Africa, July 8, 2004
Circumcision school initiate dies

Eastern Cape, South Africa, June 26, 2004
Initiate dies after botched circumcision

Eastern Cape, South Africa, December 19, 2003
Boys lose penises after botched circumcisions

Queenstown, South Africa, December 18, 2004
3 die at circumcision school

December 8, 2003
“Tradition” and “Culture” bar circumcision initiates from obtaining help for their botched operations. Boys that seek help are regarded as “women,” “not real men,” for “not finishing their rituals.” Apparently it’s also a shame for women to give birth in hospitals???

Eastern Cape, South Africa, October 23, 2003
Another botch…

Johannesburg, South Africa, June 22, 2003
…youth is being prepared for reconstructive surgery after his penis was amputated after a botched traditional circumcision last June.

Eastern Cape, South Africa, December 19, 2002
45 initiates have died in botched circumcisions

Eastern Cape, South Africa, December 16, 2002
Boy dies after circumcision

Eastern Cape, South Africa, November 23, 2002
2 more deaths

Limpopo, South Africa, August 1, 2002
17yo Dies

Johannesburg, South Africa, July 16, 2002
Initiation Season leaves 24 dead and 100 in the hospital

Johannesburg, South Africa, July 5, 2002
Fourteen dead after initiation rituals

Johannesburg, South Africa, July 4, 2002
6 die

Johannesburg, South Africa, July 4, 2002
42 yo dies

Johannesburg, South Africa, July 3, 2002
Another One
Johannesburg, July 2, 2002
13 Initiates in Hospital

Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa, June 28, 2002
Strange culture kills woman’s son, then bars her from his funeral

Johannesburg, South Africa, June 26, 2002
5 die

Johannesburg, South Africa, June 26, 2002
Baby dies after circumcision. “A post mortem to determine the exact cause of the baby’s death would be conducted.” Bah, hah hah. “Exact cause” indeed.

Eastern Cape, South Africa, December 10, 2001
52 botched circumcisions in the hospital

Northern Province, South Africa, August 16, 2001
11-year-old dies after botched circumcision

Northern Province, South Africa, June 26, 2001
10yo Boy bleeds to death after circumcision

Cape Town, South Africa, December 2002
“The high point of the period is the circumcision, during which the candidate is not supposed to show pain but to shout: “I am a man.” If a boy is taken to hospital during initiation, he could be rejected by his community.” “He would have made a fine man.”

Johannesburg, South Africa, January 27, 2000
Botched circumcision kills boys

Doctors are highly motivated to conceal the true cause of circumcision death. Neonatal circumcision has no medical indication and is now considered to be an unnecessary7 non-therapeutic8 operation. It is unethical to carry out such operations on minors who cannot consent for themselves.9 Consequently, most doctors who have a baby die after a circumcision would prefer to attribute the results of his unethical operation to secondary causes, such as infection or bleeding, while ignoring the primary cause, which is the circumcision that resulted in the infection or bleeding. It is, therefore, very hard to identify the total number of deaths that occur from circumcision. One senses that one may be seeing only the “tip of the iceberg,” with the vast majority of deaths from circumcision being concealed. The deaths undoubtedly cause an increase in infant mortality. Male infant mortality is higher than female infant mortality. It is not known how much of this increased mortality is due to the practice of male circumcision.

Several doctors have given estimates of the number of deaths that occur each year. Douglas Gairdner reported 16-19 actual deaths a year in England and Wales from neonatal circumcisions in the 1940s.10 Sydney Gellis believed that “there are more deaths from complications of circumcision than from cancer of the penis.11 There are various figures for the number of deaths from penile cancer ranging from 200 to 480 deaths per year. Robert Baker estimated 229 deaths per year from circumcision in the United States.12

7 Denniston GC. Unnecessary Circumcision. The Female Patient 1992: 17: 13-14.
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Deaths from circumcision (WARNING: GRAPHIC)